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Mad Professor Confirmation Party Fun Scientist Ideas


A Mad Professor fun scientist party is ideal for the 11 or 12 year old Confirmation child. Our confirmation party entertainers are ideal for your child that is way too old for the conventional magic show - don't even think about a puppet show and as for a clown, the clown probably would not get out alive! We have educational and fun experiments that will have your Confirmation child and guests laughing, entertained and educated for 60 minutes.


Our fun scientist mad Confirmation parties will spark that imagination with our mad programs and activities. We explain the science behind the experiments and involve as many of the children as possible over the course of the show. This party would also make the ideal confirmation gift for a godparent or relative that is looking for the perfect confirmation idea.


The show consists of up to 16 different experiments and covers, air and sound, visual puzzles, density and oil and water, explosions and gases! Its all really great mad science for chidren.


We target the primary school age range of 7 to 12/13. If your age group is a bit on the younger side, thats no problem, as we cut back on the techno speak and will add a few more lighter experiments, but will not forget the Confirmation child's big day out.


Fun Science Volcano Experiment


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